Famous People Who Buy Bitcoins

Famous People Who Buy Bitcoins

Being rich, Bill Gates is a popular celebrity who decided to buy and use Bitcoin. Bill Gates invested heavily in Bitcoins as it was more convenient than the local currency. He would regularly show his support for cryptocurrency by speaking positively about it. Bill Gates preferred to use Bitcoin because it would save him the task of being present at a place for transactions to complete. He believed that Bitcoins were the recommended method when a person wanted to carry out large transactions. This is because using your currency would be strenuous and tedious due to the workload of carrying large sums of money around.

Snoop Dogg is a celebrity who buys, appreciates, and invests in Bitcoin. Snoop’s support for Bitcoin came when he allowed fans to buy an album with Bitcoin. You could get an album of Snoop Dogg when you had Bitcoins. The artist would attend meetings and parties concerned with cryptocurrencies showing Snoop’s passion for cryptocurrency. Allowing people to buy his album with Bitcoin brought his huge returns making Snoop Dogg support it fully.

James Jackson, popularly 50 Cent, allowed

Just like Snoop Dogg, Mel B also accepted people to pay for her album with Bitcoins. She encouraged her fans to invest in Bitcoins as it is a way of uniting them when they use one currency. Being the first British artist to use Bitcoins, she acknowledged that Bitcoins made life and trade easier. It is an effective method that she can use to unite her fans from different places using one currency.

James Jackson, popularly 50 Cent, allowed people to use Bitcoins when they wanted to access his album. He agreed to take Bitcoin as payment, which helped him realize huge profits. 50 Cent managed to accumulate Bitcoins worth millions of dollars, which acted as an incentive to further invest in them. Nas bought Bitcoins worth millions of dollars and used them to invest in different companies. He supported companies that were coming up using Bitcoins because Nas believed that Bitcoins would evolve and change the way transactions were made. Nas carried out Bitcoin transactions through the Coinbase wallet to help companies stabilize.

Serena Williams launched an investment company

Mike Tyson saw the relevance of Bitcoin and chose to invest heavily in it. He branded a Bitcoin ATM using his face tattoo to allow people to spend their Bitcoins. Mike Tyson’s passion for Bitcoin was showcased when Mike chose to start a Bitcoin wallet. This shows Mike’s passion for Bitcoins making Mike Tyson among celebrities who invested in Bitcoins when it was beginning to take root. Floyd Mayweather is a celebrity who was fascinated by the magnificence of Bitcoins. Mayweather invested heavily in Bitcoins, and he could be seen regularly tweeting about spending cryptocurrencies in various places that accepted them. Floyd purchased Bitcoins, which could help fuel his business transactions bringing Floyd huge profits.

Serena Williams launched an investment company that invested heavily in Bitcoin. She supported Bitcoin when her company partnered with Coinbase to help it grow and develop. Williams owns Bitcoins that are worth millions of dollars that she uses to fund start-up companies. Serena Invests in companies that want to succeed and create partnership opportunities using Bitcoin.

Famous People Who Buy Bitcoins

Rog Ver is an entrepreneur who ventured into Bitcoin when it was at its early stages, making him become a millionaire with time. He has managed to accumulate Bitcoins that have made him become a Bitcoin millionaire. Rog spends Bitcoins in different charity events sharing the experience with Bitcoin. Dave Carlson, the founder of Mega Big Power company, managed to become a millionaire by buying Bitcoins. Carlson made millions of monies after investing in Bitcoin, this made him accumulate more wealth.

Elon Musk, who is a renowned public figure in the technological vehicle industry, is a celebrity who is interested in Bitcoins. Even though Elon Musk had not bought any Bitcoins before, Elon Musk showed support for cryptocurrency in his tweets. Musk regularly tweets about Bitcoins showing their interest in cryptocurrency, which motivates him to venture into it. This has motivated him to eventually invest heavily in Bitcoin by buying Bitcoins worth millions of monies. Elon’s support for Bitcoins was showcased when he allowed friends to send him Bitcoins. Elon Musk then later bought Bitcoins, which led to the spike in the value of Bitcoins.