Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik the perfect love story.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik; the perfect love story

When it comes to being a celebrity, there is really little you can do to protect your private life. Many scandals have erupted concerning some issues posted by bloggers all around. There is really little left to imagination when it comes to celebrity lifestyle. The major lot of the posted information are rumors with some celebrities coming out clear to disown the information some just leave it to the public to make their assumptions. Some of the posted things most of the time turn out to be true and fans are left to trust these posts so that they can be ahead of the rest when it comes to getting first-hand news.

In the current Hollywood there are many celebrity couples and most of them are highly followed, and though fans get daily updates on their pages they still want to get a scoop of their favorite models, actors and actresses personal lives. The rise of blog sites have satisfied this urge and before even a famous individual post that they are expecting the news might be already out there. Some news have been good but some have had negative impacts on the involved individuals, some were even alleged to be dead only to come out and shun the false reports.

Reports show that the two started

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid have been in peoples’ conversations for a long time. The two famous actors who have had an on and off relationship for some time now finally decided to make things rights and if their latest social media post is anything to go by. An amazing couple may be expecting a new member of the family soon. This relationship has not started recently, the two have dated for a long time with each even posting a break up message on their social media handles only to be seen together again.

Reports show that the two started to date back in 2015 and since then posts of the two have not ceased to amaze us. Back when their relationship was starting, a photograph of the two leaked, but they were quick to shut down the rumors by saying that they are just good friends. In 2016, Zayn responded to a media question about his relationship with the Instagram model by saying they have a good friendship with the star. The same year saw the Pillow-talk singer confirm that he and the beautiful lady were actually dating, they went on to attend some functions together and it was evident they were in love.

Early 2019 started on a high

It was in 2017 that engagement rumors started to go round with everything pointing towards that direction. The former One Direction went on a vacation with Hadid and her mother and talk of them being together was no longer a topic of discussion. Rumors were made more real when later that year the two got spotted wearing Spider-Man inspired outfits in Halloween, there was nothing more that fans anticipated other than a marriage between the two. As if the relationship had not endured enough, the famous singer posted a message indicating that the couple had gone on their separate ways with Hadid confirming it on a different post. Hope was still there as the post ended with Malik saying they were adults and would work things out.

Early 2019 started on a high note with rumors stating that the two were just apart and trying to patch things up. Mid-January a photographer posted a photo of Hadid leaving the singer’s apartment and this put smiles back to their fans and love magazines. In November, that same year a source says that the two are in good terms, and they could be back together. This was confirmed two months later when Hadid uploaded a photo of her and her boyfriend’s mother cooking and this confirmed all news.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik the perfect love story

Fans were hoping for a public re-union and this was affirmed later when the two were spotted together ahead of Malik’s 27th birthday. They were photographed leaving a restaurant and it was evident they were happy. February was the best time for fans as the model confirmed they are back and in love on valentines day. To put matters to rest multiple sites confirm the two are expecting a baby.

This might be best love story ever but sure more are to come.