Kylie Jenner Is Still Forbe’s Top Woman

Being a celebrity is a difficult thing to handle since people will always want to snoop around your life with no apparent reason. The moment you step into the limelight of being a celebrity, your daily actions will always be monitored by the audience. They will want to know what you wear, how you live, how much you are worth and tons of stressing things that aren’t so easy to deal with. Bloggers usually hover around celebrities lives for them to have a story to write, so that they can earn some income. There are companies that monitor every day’s celebrity lies and one such company is the Forbes company. Founded in the early 19th century, the Forbes magazine has been keeping up with stories relating celebrities.

It is usually published weekly and

It is usually published weekly and it has reports on tech matters, science and also law. One major thing that the Forbes magazine is famous for is how it grades celebrity according to the wealth they earn. It gives an account on how rich a female celebrity or a male celebrity can become. The first people to appear on the Forbes magazine in the late 19th century were Michael Jordan, an American sportsperson, Oprah Winfrey who hosts a TV show and Leonardo DiCaprio, an actor. One way that the Forbes magazine uses to arrange its billionaires list is through the wealth which consists of assets and liabilities. Through a person’s wealth, the Forbes magazine can grade people on the billionaire’s list.

Kylie Jenner Is Still Forbe's Top Woman

Some times their grading system just doesn’t add, and they end up making some wrong moves. In a recent case, one famous American, Kylie Jenner fell into the wrong hands when the Forbes company cleared her name off the billionaires list. The girl first appeared at the Forbes list while she was at the age of 21 with a net worth of nearly a billion dollars. It is amusing to note that the girl, at such a young age managed to climb to the top of the list after working her way through the selling of cosmetics. In the mid 2020, however, she was removed from the famous list with claims that she made a lot of lies to make her way at the top of the list. Forbes made an indication that Jenner had increased her size and the success of the business falsely. This is after she had sold up to 51% of her company in the famous celebrities cash-outs.

Some people believed in what Forbes had indicated, being that the lies and the book omissions are expected from a family that is supposed to be in its perfect condition. After the announcement, Kylie came out strongly in her defense and said how she worked hard from her sales and that her wealth was due to her effort. A week later after the occurrence, Forbes updated its list of the world billionaires and surprisingly, Kylie Jenner was at the top of the list. This has put her at a better position with regard to her sister Kim Kardashian. Kim was profiled by Forbes in the late 2018. Forbes came out to clear the air and said that they did an extensive investigation and that recalculated Jenner’s net worth which put her ahead at the list. We really hope this is the true list!