South Korean band BTS donates to Black Lives Matter, and Cuban Doll addresses her leaked  video

South Korean band BTS donates to Black Lives Matter, and Cuban Doll addresses her leaked video

Humankind was left embarrassed a month ago after the fierce killing of a black American man George Floyd. George was stifled to death by a working Police official by bowing on his neck. The very news had Citizens of the US seething with rage, individuals brought down to the road to fight requesting equity for George. After different Hollywood celebs, and other well known South Korean band has loaned their solidarity for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

According to a report, the well

According to a report, the well known BTS, and their music name “Big Hit Entertainment” has given an astounding amount of 1 Million dollars to the black lives matter movement. In a meeting with similar distributions, Kailee Scales, overseeing executive for “Black Lives Matter” stated that dark individuals throughout the world are in tormented from the injury of hundreds of years of mistreatment. They are moved by the liberality of BTS and partners everywhere throughout the world that remain in solidarity in the battle for black lives. The group communicated their solidarity to “Black Lives Matter Movement” by writing a note on their official Twitter handle on Thursday. Their note said they remain against racial separation, and denounce viciousness. Everyone deserves the privilege to be regarded, and they’ll stand together to achieve this aim.

South Korean band BTS donates to Black Lives Matter, and Cuban Doll addresses her leaked  video

Aficionados of BTS has overwhelmed the web, as they loaded gestures of recognition for their preferred kid band for loaning he, and their caring deed. For those unversed, BTS too will be a piece Of the virtual graduation service “Dear Class of 2020” which was featured by previous US President Barack Obama alongside previous First Lady Michelle Obama. Sorted out by YouTube, the virtual occasion will give a goodbye to understudies who won’t have the option to get a goodbye because of the infection.

A sex tape highlighting Cuban Doll who is known as Aaliyah Keef with Tadoe have been doing adjustments on the web lately. The spilled video made a significant sensation, and now the rapper is out to share her side of the story. Opening up about the ongoing debate through an Insta Live, Cuban Doll said that the video was spilled by Ari. This video seems to be a big problem for her because her nephews, and neices who look up to her will see the illegal tape. It’s too bad of Ari to have posted such on the Internet just to get revenge. This tape is available everywhere, and it’s still in circulation on social media platforms, her parents will definitely view it. The rapper is shouting at the top of her voice to everyone, saying it wasn’t her idea to act so, and get viral.

There is a dispute between Cuban, and Ari because of what transpired in the Internet world. Fans are posting, and commenting about it, but she’s not interested in any of that. All she’s after is her reputation to her family, and people who take her as their model. She wishes people will understand the scenario, and stop making bad comments.